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Full History of jaisalmer fort in English : Full story The fort of Sonar

 Full history of  fort of Sonar

Full history of jaisalmer fort 

Jaisalmer fort full history in English
Jaisalmer fort full history in English

The Fort of Sonar :- 

The foundation stone of the fort of Sonar in Jaisalmer was laid by Maharawal Jaishal. It is said that Maharawal Dusaji, the Yaduvanshi ruler of Lodwa, made his junior son Vijayaraja II his successor instead of making his eldest son Jaishaal his successor. Due to this, Jaisal, the king of Nagarathatte, went to Shahabuddin Ghori. After Vijayaraja's death, his son Bhojdev became the ruler of Lodrava who was attacked and killed by Jaisal.

Who built the fort of Jaisalmer :- 

Maharaval Jaishal laid the foundation of a fort which is known as Jaisalmer, near Lodrava in the year 1155. At the time of Jaishal, the main gate of the fort was made a few parts and the rest was constructed by his officers. Jaisal's son Shalivahana I in the construction of the fort.
Fort of Sonar history and story
Fort of Sonar history and story

How is the fort of jaisalmer  :- 

This fort with golden aura is built on a triangular hill called Trikutachal, which has a maximum length of 1500 meters and width of 750 meters. Probably the most bastions have been built on this fort. A total of 99 bastions have been built, which is probably not in any fort in India.

In the construction of the fort, large stone blocks have been placed on each other and they have not been chosen or any other additive is used, all the stone blocks are interconnected in each other.
Sonar fort full story in English
Sonar fort full story

This fort built in the desert is unique in itself, more than 5000 population resides in the fort and the entire city is inhabited inside the fort. The great filmmaker Satyajit Ray produced a film called Sonar fort.

The stone carvings done in the palace and buildings of the fort and to protect it from enemies in this fort, large huge cylindrical and circular stones placed on the walls of the fort of the fort, add to the beauty of this fort.

Full history of jaisalmer fort of Sonar :- 

After Jaishal, his son Shalivahan ascended the throne. After that Bijal, Kalhan, Chachakadeva (I) Kalahan, Lakhansen, Punyapal, Jait Singh I ascended the throne. During the reign of Jait Singh I, his sons Moolraj I and Ratan Singh looted the treasure of Allauddin Khilji and sent it to Jaisalmer.
And when Allauddin attacked the ruler of Mandore, he took refuge of Jait Singh I, because of which Allauddin attacked Jaisalmer and kept the enclosure outside the fort for twelve years.
Full history fort of Sonar jaisalmer
Full history fort of Sonar jaisalmer

For the first eight years, Jait Singh conducted the war by staying in the fort and on gaining his heroic pace, his son Moolraj I conducted the war for four years, but when the logistics were completely over, Bhati Rajputs decided to do Saka and Rajput women did the johar. And the next day, by opening the doors of the fort, Bhatio received the Veeragati under the leadership of Moolraj I and Ratan Singh and the fort was occupied by Allauddin. Later, Dudoji and Tiloksi, who were from the Bhati rajpoot, again took control of the fort.
Full story of Sonar fort jaisalmer
Full story of Sonar fort jaisalmer

After the Khilji dynasty, when the Tughlaq dynasty had control over the Delhi Sultanate, Mohammed bin Tughlaq sent his army Jaisalmer but despite encircling the fort for six years, the fort was not able to take possession but after the logistics were over, the Bhati Rajputs again made Dudoji and Tiloksi Decided to do Saka under the leadership of the Rajput women, and the Rajputs opened the doors of the fort and received the Heroism.
Full history of jaisalmer fort
Full history of jaisalmer

Bhati commander Ghadasi who was the son of Ratan Singh, brother of Moolraj, killed the fort and again took possession of the fort, which was later tricked by one of his chiefs. The queen of Ghadasi called the Kehar  son of Moolraj's grandson Devaraja, from Chayan or Mandor and sat on the throne. After Kehar, his second son Lakshmanadeva ascended the throne, during which the famous Vaishnav and Laxminarayan temples of Jaisalmer were constructed. From this time, the real lord of the state, Laxminathji was considered and Maharaval was considered his dewan.
Fort of jaisalmer full story in English
Fort of jaisalmer

After Laxmanadev, his son became the lord of the state of Bairasi or Bairasinh, who built the names of his queens, Suryamandir, Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple and two Kuve Bulisars and Ranisars located in the fort. It was Barysingh who took refuge in Rao Jodha's escape from Chittor and helped in rescuing Mandore from Sisodio.

After Vairasingh, Chachigdeva II, Devidas and Jait Singh II were the rulers of Jaisalmer. Jaitbandh Sarovar was constructed at the time of Jait Singh II. After the death of Jait Singh, the Crown Prince Lunakaran had gone to Kandahar, so the Karmasi ruled for fifteen days, which was removed by Lunakaran and became Maharawal.
Jaisalmer fort in English
Jaisalmer fort in English

Lunakaran had 9 sons and three daughters, in which the first daughter Ramkunwari and the third daughter Umade were married to Marwar ruler Maldev and the second daughter Rajkanwar was married to Maharana Udai Singh of Udaipur. At the time of Umade's marriage, Maldev told Umade that he did not come for her, but for his maid Bharmali, due to which Umade went away and went to her maternal grandfather, and the whole life remained the same and the same became Sati when Maldev died. Umade is also known as Ruthi Rani.

At the time of Maharawal Lunakaran, the Mughal emperor Humayu had gone to Jaisalmer and had fled towards Amarkot and Iran. Lunakaran did not allow Humayun's forces to camp at Jaisalmer. Lunakaran had organized a huge yagna in which the Hindus, who were forcibly converted to Islam by the sword in the last eight hundred years, were again included in Hindu religion.
History of jaisalmer fort in English
History of jaisalmer fort in English

Maharawal Lunakaran had made Pathan Amir Ali of Kandhar a turban and made him brother. He conspired to seize the kingdom of Jaisalmer and on reaching Jaisalmer, he told Maharawal that he wanted to join the queenless beggars and upon receiving Maharaval's orders, he sent armed men in the docks. When a guard heard a male voice in the doli, and when he removed the curtain of the doli, the distinction was opened and a chaos broke out.

When Amir's conspiracy was uncovered, Ranbheri rang and separated the head of all the royal women from his sword and jumped into the Maharawal battle with his chieftains and gained heroic momentum with his four brothers, three sons and four hundred warriors. Yuvraj Maldev went to play hunting, returned and defeated Amir Ali and imprisoned him and locked him in a leather  Sacks and blew it with a cannon. After Lunakaran, his son Maldev became Maharawal.
History of Sonar fort in English
History of Sonar fort in English

After Maharawal Maldev, his son Harraj ascended the throne. Harraj married his daughter to the Mughal Emperor Akbar, which ended the hostility for ever, but the prestige that Hindus had as a pride also came to an end. After Harraj, Bhima, Kalyan, Manoj, Ramchandra, Sabalsingh, Amarsingh, Jaswant Singh, Budhsinh, Tej Singh, Sawai Singh, and Akhesinh ascended the throne. During all these Maharawalas, there was a lot of progress in the field of art, literature and architecture in Jaisalmer. After Akhesinh, Moolraj became the second Maharawal, but during his reign Diwan Mehta Swaroop Singh and Salim Singh had more influence and they remained the real masters of the state, due to which Moolraj got fed up with the atrocities of Salim Singh from the East India Company in 1818. Pacted and obtained the patronage of the company.
Sonar fort
Sonar fort

 After Moolraj, Gaj Singh became the Maharawal of Jaisalmer who killed Diwan Salam Singh through Anasinh Rajput. After Gaj Singh, a three-year-old boy became Ranjit Singh Maharawal, who was the son of Kajari Singh, younger brother of Gaj Singh. Till Ranjit Singh became an adult, Kesari Singh took over the kingdom, but Ranjit Singh died at the age of 21, when the company made Kesari Singh's second son Varisal Singh as Maharawal.
Jaisalmer fort
Jaisalmer fort

After the death of Varishal Singh, Shalivahana, the five-year-old son of Thakur Kushal Singh of Lathi, was made Maharawal, but he grew up to become addicted to alcohol and died due to intoxication. He was also childless.

After Maharawal Shalivahan in the list of Maharawalas located in the fort, Maharawal Dan Singh after him and then Jawahar Singh, son of Maan Singh, was made Maharaval of Jaisalmer in 1914, when the death took place in 1949, the country had become independent and the work of integration of princely states was going on. Had been The death of Girdhar Singh ji, son of Maharawal Jawahar Singh, was also done in 1950 due to wrong injection. He is followed by his son Raghunath Singh Ji and presently his son Brajraj Singh.

Maharawal = king

 This article is an English translation of the travel with Sharad Vyas's article story of Sonar Fort.


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