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India's most haunted place Bhangarh fort full story in english

             India's most haunted place

Where is Bhangarh Fort:

Bhangarh is near Dausa railway station in Alwar district of Rajasthan. And Dausa comes on the Jaipur-Delhi route, so you will get many trains easily. Dausa is just 50 km from Jaipur. After descending to Dausa, we went just 200-300 meters from the station, which is called Santhal Mor, from here a jeep for 25 rupees leaves you in a village called "Gola ka bass", from there you can walk or ride to the fort. Can reach 1.5Km, walking is more fun.

How is the structure of Bhangarh Fort:

The structure of the fort is quite good and points to an old glorious past. You will see many deserted houses before entering. And the wall at the entrance which is still surrounded on all sides. On entering the fort, it will be clearly written on the right side, it is strictly prohibited to stop after sunset. Walking a little further, you will find a market in this small village called Bangdi Bazaar.
Bhangarh fort full story in English
Bhangarh fort full story in English

Its texture is quite good according to that era. And this market is also very big.

Walking a little distance, you will find large peepal trees on both sides of the road, some trees are hanging half cut and some shrubs will also be found. Thousands of monkeys and langurs will be around you. On going further, you will find a fairly large gate and on going inside it you will find a park which is still maintained today. To the west of the park comes the fort of Bhangarh, And at the entrance of the fort door is written, palace.
Rani Ratnavati, who used to have tales named after this fort, lived here. On going inside you will find a 3 storeyed building which is completely broken down, only ruins and remnants are left. There are many rooms inside.
India's most haunted places
India's most haunted places

On entering the palace, it smells like it comes from a corpse. At the top, you can see the view of the entire fort, such as a Ganesh temple, the whole shattered city and the hill just behind.
World's most haunted places
World's most haunted places

And a small hut situated at the top end of that hill. It is said that the tantrik used to live there and everyone was devastated by his curse. Hundreds of peacocks all around make the view a bit relaxed And standing at the top of the mound gives you a view of the entire village, as well as the presently inhabited village (gola bass). There is a well in the fort itself, which never dries and neither water ever gets depleted nor much, people say it is also very cursed.
Where is bhangarh fort
Where is bhangarh fort

Bhangarh full story in English:

Bhangarh is the most dreaded place of India, it is strictly forbidden to go in after the sun sets. It is said that Princess Ratnavati used to live in this fort and the discussion of her beauty was spread far and wide, there was a magician named Sinhai near the fort.
Bhangarh fort full story in English
Bhangarh fort full story in English

He was fascinated by the beauty of Princess Ratnavati And wanted to get the princess at any cost. Once the princess went to buy the perfume in the market with her friends, the  magician saw it and with the help of black magic in the perfume, he mixed it with something that the princess would soon get in control of. But the princess came to know all this before applying perfume.

The princess threw the perfume on a rock, due to the black magic, that rock rose and fell on that magician because the black magic of the magician was similar to that the princess would apply that perfume and it would come on the body of that magician but The perfume was placed on that rock, so the rock came over the magician's body, this killed the magician.
Most haunted places
Most haunted places

But the magician, in his last breath, shuffled the entire Bhangarh that no one will survive here and die.

After some time, the Mughal army attacked Bhangarh Fort, not a single person could survive there. Princess Ratnavati was killed by the soldiers of the enemy army inside her palace.

It is said that the Mughal army killed 10 thousand people in Bhangarh, they did not leave even women and children and looted the entire Bhangarh.

People say about Bhangarh that these ghosts are awake at night and at night there are voices to cry, whoever goes to Bhangarh does not stop there at night.

As if the fort cries in the night, it is a pity to see the desolate village and also feel scared. There is definitely a strange power here that awakens at night.


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